The Changing Climate of The Implicit

The idea here is that we can never know what is behind our observations, since, perhaps, we live in, as John Archibald Wheeler calls it, a participatory universe, the universe of the observer. Observers who sample at their RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW then process the results, generalize about them, and give them meaning, only to “stash them away” in the recesses of their virtual minds. We may never know if the virtuality of our minds has a language which connects it to that nebulous pool, the implicit from which we sample.

Here we imagine that the singularity from which the Big Bang of our universe arose was at first coherent, that is, there were no boundaries, because there were no differences (because there is no space and no time at that point — zeroth dimension). But we also know there has been evolution, an expansion of space/time. An expansion evolves from the statistical character of any given measuring process. No matter how improbable a change, it has a statistical probability of existence, and a boundary evolves and expands into time (radius from the singularity or source) and space (circumference at any given time of a measurable, and changing, fractal dimension).

The flow across boundaries exists as experiences from mated perspectives (the relationship). These experiences in the early universe were broken up into snippets. At first, snippets are fragments of awareness of such short duration that durable awareness, requiring continuity, is impossible. 

So, as our virtual universe expands (the same thing may happen in the human mind ) the snippets do something like reach out and attach to other snippets forming a successive continuum approaching consciousness of greater and greater duration.

Okay, during all of this interaction and relationship across boundaries in the universe, the very simple implicit realm motivates the singularity to expand from point to boundary, from one boundary to many, its parts interact, relate to and resonate with each other. In this process, the implied of the implicit is explained and the explained of the explicit educates the implicit of the new statistical probability of subsequent relationships. 

Example of an analog of this process of manifestation from implicit to explicit: Douse a string in sugar water and as the water evaporates, the string becomes covered with sugar crystals. The sugar water is analogous to the implicit, the “What is Behind What is” that we’re sampling. And the crystallization of that sugar increases, “lives,” until the fluid is all used up. The configurations of the growing crystal uses up and changes the options, degrees of freedom, the number of potential relationships the sugar molecules can take in forming the crystal. In this way there are a succession of possibilities as the sugar crystal grows.

I see the implicit of our universe being used up in the explicitness of our “condensing the cosmic wave” (Gary Zukav). I also think that the expansion of our universe has something to do with an awareness in the growing relationships, these samplings-and-collapses, or generalizations, or meanings given to those relationships across boundaries that are no longer malleable, but concrete.

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