Inside The Mind of God


The Implicit (what is not expressed) may have occurred before the expansion of the Big Bang. A circular (or spherical) expanding boundary from a singularity can only occur if there are relationships across it. If there are no differences (in perspective) across a boundary, then neither the expansion, nor the boundary nor the relationship can exist (objectively, or as we know it—in the HERE and NOW).

[Here we only speak of the relationship boundary between the thermodynamic reservoir of WIBWI (What Is Behind What Is: Bohm’s Implicate Order) and an expanding boundary (the What Is (WI)) caused by change, or relationship to WIBWI.]


You will find further speculation on this website about expanding boundaries, increasing numbers of relationships (and perspectives within those relationships) and how relationships change from simple to complex, existing from short to long resonant durations, possibly creating a resonant consciousness.


A resonance of longest duration (or recursive loop) raises opportunities for the experience of consciousness.


The greater the resonance, the longer the duration, the more complex may be the awareness.


A disparity occurs between science and religion if we assume the whole cannot consciously experience its parts as might be a logical outcome of scientific thinking:


If we are in the image of God, and we cannot be aware of all our parts simultaneously, then scientific thinking may suggest an explicit God cannot be aware of his/her parts (i.e. us).


One way to understand the omniscience of God might be to understand God’s awareness to come into being only in the Implicit which contains all parts (souls?) in harmony because (in the Implicit) there can be no absolute limits or constraints to what can be.

[Other posts on this topic suggest a highly vulnerable god as Bohm’s Implicate Order. If the What Is, or manifested, is crystal growth out of some fluid solution, then, at first, the crystal may seem to have free will, as the Implicit (god) contains all pathways to relationship and existence. As crystalline growth winds down and there are no longer sites for attachment/connection (an entropic state where nothing happens), the Implicit, too, is educated to an entropic state by the recursive process of the expanding relationship boundary). ]

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