Kalalau Trail Sunset, Kauai, HI

Kalalau Trail Sunset, Kauai, HI

Dear Fellow Blogger,

This Union of Opposites Website shares the experiments, imagination, and cosmology of doctorsatori.

DoctorSatori is really romance author SBK Burns (Link to author website: www.susanburnsauthor.com).

Burns hopes you will take these short posts as springboards for your own questioning about the observable universe.


For those, like me, writing science fiction, it’s good to know that science itself is but a story (one that is quite elaborate and, for the most part, able to achieve repeatable and accurate outcomes). Scientific cosmology deals with what science has learned about the origin and growth of the universe (based on my experiments). Here, I’ll attempt to form my own cosmology, or story, about all the things today’s science might not explain through a relational philosophy. 

I must apologize beforehand. I am a child of science and a scientific generalist. In some cases, I use my published experiment about a vibrating droplet, its growth and change, to help construct my own personal cosmology. 

The posts on my website’s homepage are superimposed on images I’ve taken, mostly of the sky, the clouds, and the setting moon over the Pacific Ocean.

I hope, after you read some of my posts, you’ll ask questions, so we both develop the capacity to mine our imaginations to construct our own cosmologic stories (perhaps, we’ll find ways of effortlessly creating backgrounds for our own fictional novels).



The Philosophy:

What we call the observable universe, J. Krishnamurti (philosopher/psychologist) might call “What is.” And “What Is Behind ‘What is’ ” David Bohm (a physicist) might call “The Implicate Order.”

Here, we look at “What is” as a story, a cosmology, that may be unique to each of us.


If you so wish, ask questions, and we may be able to create a new story between us,

Click on the title to read the full post.

Use the cursor to manually move text up the screen on each post, so as to not miss anything.

[This is a work in progress, so it may take a while for me to correct grammar and spelling, or to fill certain pages that now possess titles only]

Please suggest topics you’d like discussed.

doctorsatori (SBK Burns)

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