Anniversary Post/Summary



This post is for those who, for whatever reason, through the Facebook platform decided to congratulate Union of Opposites website on its one-year anniversary.


On this site, we posit that there exists an Implicit World (Bohm’s Implicit (see Wholeness And The Implicit Order) a WIBWI: What Is Behind What Is), a nondescript world in which all things are somehow entangled. We do not believe that the Implicit or WIBWI can ever be known objectively (which does not rule out the experience of its potential subjective pathways).


 The WI (What Is, a term coined by J. Krishnamurti) arises from the WIBWI through generalizations gleaned from statistical influences on each individual system’s collected data (The word “system” comes from thermodynamics, meaning anything that is specified/bounded for the purpose of analysis: it could be any specified array of data–a volume of water, or a person, or anything in between).


There are two basic ways to model real events computationally: Pretend that one can sample the world by collecting objective information on it (break an object down into it finite elements). And assuming some type of interaction, or relationship, exists over boundaries between volumes. Having been initiated into fluid mechanics, where volumes are in constant interaction or flow, I like to look at the universe, model it, from the latter perspective.


In the same way as computational analysis finds solutions, so always has the mathematics of calculus  found exact solutions to the energy equation (I believe first suggested by Navier around 1820) in the form of complex numbers (I believe first suggested by Gerolamo Cardano in 1545). Complex number solutions exist in two parts:a real potential and an imaginary flow). Here, we focus on the second or imaginary part: the energy flow field.

 The potential, or local solution (at a point) forms one end of a spectrum of Uncertainty. The other end is the change in that value, the velocity or flow rate.

When we focus purely on one, it is impossible to know the other—thus the Uncertainty Principle (Heisenberg in 1927).

 If a particle is moving toward us, it does not appear to change its position. When we observe the particle’s movement perpendicular to the first observation, we can see it move or change its location. So the two extremes in perspective are mutually exclusive (each forming its own dimension).


 The simplest relationship might be one across a simple boundary in which there are two complementary perspectives, creating a mutual sampling, an existence, a time of resonant duration.

 The simpler the relationship, the shorter its time of resonant duration. If that relationship caused some sort of reaction or interaction, then there would be a duration of self-awareness, however brief. Unfortunately, the briefer the time of existence of this awareness, the less its chance to experience its own continuity or consciousness. That does not mean it does not exist. What does it mean? At this point in my thinking, I have to admit, I don’t know.


What I believe is that when what we see as parts of the universe are very small (very small as in fast-moving subatomic particles) then the relationship or transfer of information that forms their nonlocal existence is degraded and the information that might have been transferred to form an existing resonant time duration or awareness becomes entangled back into Bohm’s Implicate Order (WIBWI).

 On the other end of the spectrum, large, very massive objects damp out information flow over their boundaries, even though they have very stable centers of gravity (causing them to stay in one place, near their point of intitiation).


So relationships built of information transfer over boundaries have an easier time of creating awareness between these two extremes of energy/information transfer (the very small and massless—the very large and massive.)


This seemingly discontinuous region of existence or awareness that leads to a seeming continuum of consciousness has a way of condensing for us into what we think of as real (those things we can sample at 100%–right here, right now).


The Next Step

 The next step is to explore what might happen as tiny snippets of short-duration relationships come together to form longer more continuous and complex relationships leading to the perceived continuum we call consciousness.



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