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Hello, I’m S.B.K. Burns, RWA award winning author of the LEGENDS OF THE GOLDENS SERIES of mostly new adult and mixed genre sci-fi/light urban fantasy novels and AGES OF INVENTION SERIES, a steampunk time-travel series . [Link to Amazon Author Page:]

I was an avid reader of science fiction in my youth which encouraged me to solve some of the scientific mysteries out there. At present, I’ve retired from engineering, write science fiction, and consider myself a scientific generalist with the following qualifications:

My background in science education encompases a Bachelor of Arts in the Natural Sciences (a major in biology and a minor in math), two advanced degrees in engineering (Master of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics/specialty: biomedical engineering (Georgia Tech), a Master of Engineering in Thermo-Fluids (University of Delaware) and a year of oceanography at Texas A&M University).

My teaching credentials include a Pennsylvania Dept of Education Master’s Equivalency in Secondary Science Education (life sciences, earth and space, and physics) and I taught thermodynamics and materials science at the college level.

I worked as a biological oceanographer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a shellfish bacteriological lab, in University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arboretum, in an aerospace materials forensics lab for General Dynamics, and in crop irrigation design (math modeling and programming) in California.

I am the recipient of creativity awards in education from the PA State Dept. of Education, and in research, receiving a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship that resulted in my peer-reviewed science journal article about a 2-D analog of the expansion of the universe (cited by researchers around the world).

My volunteer work included bird banding and insect identification for a natural history museum, various positions (sponsoring, judging, and board of directors) with Science & Engineering Fairs, and with the Tarrant County (TX) Mental Health Department, helping mentally challenged folks get on their feet. And, presently, I just finished my orientation for a San Diego County program to tutor mostly dyslexic adults to read and write.

I use what I’m still learning from my expanding-droplet universe to shape my own philosophy of science (cosmology, if you will. (You can explore these ideas (other categories on this website) to get a better feel for my research, or go into the Human-Centered category to pick up my ideas about paranormal and supernatural phenomena).

Developing ideas that emerge from my research (and my various courses and experiences in psychology) have prepared me to look into my drivers, the mysterious workings of consciousness, life, and death.

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