METAPHOR   During my attendance in a weekend workshop with David Edmund Moody who wrote An Uncommon Collaboration, the relationship between J. Krishnamurti (philosopher/psychologist) and David Bohm (high energy physicist), two men he was lucky enough to experience, I was faced with a major learning experience from one of the participants.   Near the end …


The most important theoretical two words I’d like to introduce here are “experimental space.” How is experimental space, maybe space we think and talk about during our experiments, different from space in general (like what we think of as objective absolute cosmic space)?


Consciousness: Continuous or Discontinuous? Before I discuss either aspect in depth, I want to explain why I would look at continuity as a basis for describing Consciousness. Again, I’d like to emphasize here that all we can do is DESCRIBE. A description is the story we tell about our sample data. And our sample data …


Relational Philosophy vs. Objectivism

Changing one’s POV to be relational rather than objective can illuminate questions about our universe in a new light, so we may begin to find answers to questions that were previously unanswerable.

When we look at a perfectly symmetrical droplet of water-based fluid expanding slowly into a fat-based fluid, we find that the momentum of the water, as it begins to push the “fat” out of the way, causes the interface between the fluids to go unstable and buckle into sine waves.