Soon to come the different types of boundaries evidenced in my expanding droplet experiment:  The simplest two-region character of unbalanced/unstable expanding flow is the sine wave at offset and quantum number one. The sine wave consists of a crest that extends the boundary and a trough that resists extension (through inertial forces) and whose cg (center of gravity) is at the system’s ground state (meaning no other available energy to do anything with (that includes, no (or little) available spacetime). The following gives an idea of how these regions evolve in form and function with time (all systems are created through some form of relationship. All systems are characterized by form, function, and experience (from within).

    • What we think of as objects are relationships within the universal boundary.  1)Mostly they are dense regions that have lost most of their potential energy (2)There are metastable states surrounding these density regions where there is more freedom of movement outward from deep gravity wells (Ex:planets).

      1)There are boundaries that have such high interfacial tension that that there is little available energy for movement.
      2)Then there are EM (electromagnetic) boundaries with structural constraints.
      3)Then there are boundaries of subatomic particles (outer space: normally thought of as the quantum realm).
      The reason I point out these boundary regions (and their functional potential in spacetime is that one of these (or all of them (by superposition)) are most probably engaged in the process of higher-order awareness.
      [I believe awareness and later consciousness grows out of a system’s size and complexity of experience. I can’t blindly go along with the very low tension and nearly totally free state of the quantum realm as I understand it (for consciousness to develop).
      An experiment I did with demagnetization of iron filings leads me to believe that awareness grows by self ordering (with iron filings, it’s agglomeration).
      Bigger agglomerations in spacetime are rarer but possess longer durations (smaller, not so much).
      Conscious awareness most probably requires more than EM force fields. [Bioelectrical. Maybe robust Van der Waal forces/fields (or other fields possessing robust languages like the periodic table may be required.]
      [Note time’s arrow for available energy (spacetime) runs opposite information availability (constraining bonds may open up more potential actions (degrees of freedom for info processing) than do larger systems without structure. Recently recognized is that the more constrained a system, the less degrees of freedom for experience. Efficiency in energy flow is related to the amount of constraint a system has. Backward motion in time (possibly seen in boundary sampling in 2-D experiments here (quantum number going from two to one, for example)) having a greater chance of existing when it exists amongst fewer degrees of freedom. (this would be consistent with greater efficiency)]

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