Perspective: Function and Form

My parents decided not to expect me to join a temple or church. They admitted they didn’t know anything definitive about God and The Universe. Some of the last things they said to me (before they died) suggested that they hadn’t found their truth about the ultimate. They asked me then what I had found …

The Process of Self-Organization

Self-organization grows out of questions asked and answered across an expanding boundary. The boundary starts at (or just after) a kind of nearly coherent singularity. As energy and information cross the boundary, it changes, and subsequently reacts in an ever more complex way with the WIBWI or the ever changing, Implicit Order (the all-inclusive set/ever-educated/complemented by the Explicit (the WI)).

Creative Overload

With our electronic age, a tipping point in information overload may have been reached, requiring new levels of management, personal and social. Today, almost unlimited information calls to us, generating an infinite potential for the creation of more information.