Our Oscillatory Universe

How The Expanding Universe Might Be Like An Expanding Droplet

Link to THE EXPERIMENT page:  https://theunionofopposites.com/the-experiment/

Like the boundary of a two-fluid expanding droplet (unsteady and unstable) our universe goes into and out of focus at regular intervals.

Each time the boundary between the two fluids comes into focus (in video frames), it gets flattened or perturbed on the tips of the crests (where changes happen), growing new troughs (Gravity wells like massive planets, suns, or black holes. And in us—perhapsas forks in new dendritic neural patterns).

As a result of the recursive relationship between the implicit order (set of possibilities) and the explicit order (set of actualities) the expanding boundaries lose their shape, then regain it.

For the expanding droplet, the two regions that meet at the boundary (between its fluid and the environment) oscillate slower and endure for longer periods, the more the fluids resemble each other in the rapidity of movement.

For example, air forced into a highly viscous fluid tunnels through it. Air forced into a solid cracks it dendritically and the duration of the oscillation phase of our liquid droplet goes to zero.

What will make the oscillation phase of our droplet universe dominant so that stuff happens, the boundary changes? That is, what will cause the droplet boundary to oscillate so quickly that sampling across it lasts for such a short time that the boundary itself cannot recognize its own existence?

What does the beginning of this recursive process between the implicit order and explicit order (creating the existence of Krishnamurti’s What Is from the What Is Behind What Is?) look like?

Initially, as sets of explicit relationships across boundaries decrease in size (space-time domains decrease), interactions are not as complex, do not educate or feed the implicit, or populate it highly with varied or distributed potentials or potential pathways. (Early on, the implicit order might represent the thermodynamic environment from which perturbations fueling the initial, unstable, oscillatory motion derive.)

Early in droplet expansion (close to the initial singularity source) the two reservoirs that flank the expanding boundary (the implicit and explicit orders) might be perfectly matched (neither set large enough to translate into significant space-time).

Toward the end of expansion (an entropy death configuration), the implicit set may lose its polarities, its motive abilities. (At the end of a story, because of the increasing word constraints (same with poems or puzzles), there are few options remaining in the implicit order/set of possibilities. That’s when the boundary ceases to be viable, when the dendritic or fractal patterns damp out to almost nothing. Then, what we think of as entropy death occurs.

So in the oscillatory phase of boundary change, there is life or the experience of awareness, but there is also death in that the boundary. In order to chart its new explicit shape, it must first go out of phase (offset from the singularity/injection hole)to come back, oscillate back, into a new better-established shape with greater endurance.

At first, the boundary oscillation (away from and toward the injection hole) is slow and then the oscillation or frequency speeds up toward the end of perturbed growth as the explicit boundary set becomes stable. That is when the degrees of freedom and available perspectives/potential energies in the implicit set go to zero.

In the beginning, the implicit set is large (filled with potential) but as it goes explicit (losing its potential into relationship configurations) the boundary goes from an unstable to a stable phase—and, most important, from an unsteady/changing phase to a steady state/unchanging phase where nothing new can happen. (Much like a thermodynamic system where energy loses its potential through kinetics until a stable ground state is established where no more change is possible.)

At the beginning of a story, or poem, or puzzle, the same dynamics are true. By the end, the potential set of words or shapes fitting into or interacting with the explicit boundary relationship dwindles to zero.

It is our goal here to examine via thought experiments how awareness might grow and decay, continuing our own full awareness that relationships across boundaries are all that exist (i.e. there must be a differential or change for something to happen, and something to flow). We are also aware that the relationship flow across boundaries gives the opportunity for awareness, and that awareness, that existence in relationship (a sharing of perspectives) fleshes out our virtual realities.

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