A Changing god



Once it was thought that our solar system revolved around the Earth.

Then Copernicus discovered that the Earth and other planets revolved around the Sun.

Now we know the entire solar system orbits about our Galaxy every 230 million years.


So it should be no surprise that there is a possibility that our god (the top-down entity/rules governing What Is Behind What Is) can exhibit the same paradigm shift—be compiled in explicit datasets as well as generalized into space, time, and mass.


WHAT IS [see Krishnamurti]can be thought of as how we interpret sampled/collected data. For us, it seems generalizations from these sampled datasets are born on our thoughts and are only virtual/symbolic rather than real.


If relationship creates existence and there is a real flow between data locations that manifest as experience (whether conscious or minimally aware) then different relationship/system complexities might develop their own rules or languages: The smaller units of mass and duration may experience a shorter experience of existence, not enough to create any long-term awareness, but enough mass and duration to appear to us as real.


The more complex and longer duration a relationship, the more we think this relationship/system real, instead of symbolic, virtual or dreamlike.


A thought (generated through relationship) does not necessarily reflect big energy reality that’s driven by high energy languages (like atomic chemistry) and so if a meteor is bound to hit the Earth, it may be that no effort in telekinetically moving it out of the Earth’s path will be successful. However, the fact that we can see the results of the big energy of the small nearly-unconscious particles, gives us a clue as to how the rest of the universe might be able to “see” us.


The advantage of long-term awareness on consciousness, even though we think it virtual/symbolic, is that its complexity can derive solutions to the meteor dilemma. We can divert a meteor using and managing big energy relationships. And if we can persuade small systems with big energy relationships to bend to our will (by inventing energetic POVs), then perhaps what we think of as virtual/symbolic thought is as much a part of the real as are high energy relationships of smaller particles.


Now lets look at a singularity source at the beginning of anything. The implied world of that source is not manifest at first. For example, the potentially manifested world of a snow particle is invisibly within freezing droplets of water—but the path each flake takes in solidifying into a crystal will depend on communication between the water environment and the partially manifested flake at any point in time.


And so, over time, the What Is Behind What Is (the array or set of potential data governing the snowflake’s environment) forms the changes with the manifested shape of the flake.


So if we define our god as What is Behind What Is, as the Implicit Order (see David Bohm) the environment/thermodynamic reservoir of a growing relationship, then both that environment and that relationship must necessarily change with time.


The smaller the system involved in changing, the more uncertain the outcome. The fewer the data points sampled, the more uncertain the outcome. And so it follows, the greater the number of matching perspectives generated by complex relationship/systems, the longer the duration of those relationships/systems. The lesser the number of matching perspectives, the shorter the duration of those relationships/systems.


In complex relationships/systems like humans, or other animals, a daily decay upon decay of potential perspectives reduces the number of options for survival. The more complex the language evolving from a rich implicit source, the more options for change, growth, and survival of those relationships.

As we lengthen our thought pathways by interaction with our source/universe/environment/reservoir (WIBWI), we increase our options of survival. By overly judging our relationships along the path (throwing out some of our options) we limit the duration of our survival–we change our source/universe/environment/reservoir (the top-down (or bottom-up?)) manifestation of our god).




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