For something to exist, like an experience of awareness, part of an apparent continuous consciousness, there must be a relationship across at least one boundary (one difference in potential, or at least one signal/transfer of information). A relationship exists when we sample our environment and it responds to our sampling (the same can be said of other systems/relational boundaries).


In mathematics we solve problems by assuming samples we grab are continuous (that one sampled event occurs after another like a chain of successive events).


The Fermi Paradox asks why so few civilizations like ours seem to exist in our universe (resulting in the lack of first contact by an alien species from “out there”). All the while we assume that “in here” we’re continuous beings.


What if there is only one “advanced” civilization like us, one person like you or me, in this universe? What if our mind, in creating its virtual reality, orders potential experiences in a discontinuous way? What if the space/time samples of our virtual/symbolic awareness exists out of sequence, and our minds only order the events of our lives to look continuous, so maybe we can make some sense of them?


In the droplet experiment (see EXPERIMENT), the change of the droplet’s shape and behavior (the fluid flow into wave crests and around wave troughs) appears, in time, to follow successive interfacial patterns (one wave crest, two wave crests, and so forth). The pattern, its leading edge, appearing to be motivated by each of its oscillations about the expanding droplet’s original center.


We find Uncertainty in the number of waves, superimposed on the droplet’s boundary that occurs as we sample the droplet’s oscillatory motion in smaller and smaller time intervals. Does the nonsequential chaos observed in these small time intervals result from the coarseness of our measuring instrument (30 frames per second), or do the sequence of wave shapes actually exist out of sequence, and it is our minds that order them in an easy-to-remember, easy-to-respond-to logical sequence?


Our minds might be so good at sequencing events or creating continuity for us that we become unaware of any missing time in between oscillations of our or another’s universe. Universes may be born and die before another one housing a human being like us exists, but we’d only be aware of the next workable event, the next puzzle piece in the sequence that we interpret as furthering our “continuous” life, our “continuous” consciousness.

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  1. Perhaps time as a continuum is a purely human construct. How events really occur might be very much different than our perception of them. Reality is what it is, but for us, reality is what we “think” it is, which is limited to how our brain is wired. How we perceive what is real is only our reality, but not necessarily the truth of what it is real.

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