In my investigation of what space is and how it differs from the dimension of time—or not—I came up against something that should look strange to most of us, but that is taken in stride. Namely, the size of things.


Coming back from Vegas through all of the beautiful, yet never-ending desert, I noticed it was possible to see the road in the distance shrink to nearly a point. I also noticed that the cars, even the eighteen-wheelers, had shrunken to mere dots. Yet when they passed me from the other direction they attained their full and mammoth proportions.


You might say “Well, duh, that’s what happens with perspective, as you get farther away from something, it looks smaller.”


But why do things appear smaller into the distance?


Someone once explained the smaller size of distant objects by likening the view to that of starlight through a telescope. The farther away a star or planet is, the smaller it appears because less light-information is incident on our eyes.


Now that I’ve thought about it for a while, my Theory of Perspectives (from a relational perspective) tells me that size has everything to do with statistics. I believe statistics explains how things appear to manifest in the universe, from the very small to the very large.


This is how I see it: The smaller something appears, the less information we get from it, means that it is less and less probable that we can sample it from where we are (HERE and NOW). If existence has everything to do with relationship (information or energy transfer across a boundary between at least two things/systems) then the relationship is corrupted or deteriorated with a lesser chance of communication across that interface with less information getting across.


We live in a world of improbabilities that seem invisible only because we haven’t intersected with them yet (in the HERE and NOW). The world is manifested through ideas/potentials generated by all boundaries/relationships, their intensity only dependent on how statistically probable it is for those relationships to form HERE and NOW.


Anything happening THERE and THEN is not 100% accessible to us HERE and NOW, and so, appears smaller in size. Consistent with my expanding droplet universe, the extent of original space (any former boundary) must necessarily also appear smaller in size as compared to our contemporary (expanded) boundary from which we observe.

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