What’s The Static?

How might static (or a low amplitude signal) take part in the formation of our consciousness?

When we read, we concentrate on the words, rarely the spaces between them. But it is the spaces that allow us to consider each discrete series of letters (the information we need to transfer and receive).

What happens in these spaces that helps to group words into their discrete meanings?

What happens in the spaces between the mind’s images and its thoughts?

Inside The Mind of God

  The Implicit (what is not expressed) may have occurred before the expansion of the Big Bang. A circular (or spherical) expanding boundary from a singularity can only occur if there are relationships across it. If there are no differences (in perspective) across a boundary, then neither the expansion, nor the boundary nor the relationship …

Love and Loss

  Is there a difference between reaching into the past to find someone you loved but  can no longer reach and reaching into the future to find someone you love (or might love), but might never meet?  Let me give you an example. People around me are forever mourning the loss of touch with a …


Where, might you ask, do I stand on the existence of God?  I ask back:  Does a businessman accept that any system can be managed effectively by both top down and bottom up leadership and organization?  I believe in both.  The bottom up is, perhaps, the natural selection way relationships or boundaries have of creating …


  [I’m throwing out lots of ideas and questions here that I hope to clarify in later postings.]  What if it’s not how we got to be us, but our unique configuration that determines our unique consciousness?  So, does the shape, independent of anything else, determine our unique perspective?  The above idea might make sense, …