April 23, 2018 W: What Is vs What Is Behind What Is

April 23, 2018 W: What Is vs What Is Behind What Is (Another look at reality)

In Commentaries on Living, philosopher/psychologist Krishnamurti speaks about the WHAT IS. 

WHAT IS is mostly what we know about our world. Actually, it is everything we know about our world (in word, in mathematics, in image, in all explicit sensation). 

Something else we need to discuss here is the difference between what we think of as real and what we think of as virtual. Anything that is explained in any of the above explicit languages or techniques is not real, it is virtual (meaning WHAT IS is not WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS). The only real is WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS (which is impossible to describe without losing one or many aspects of it).

There is a spectrum of existence from What Is Potential (Real Reality: WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS) and What Is Explained (Virtual Reality: WHAT IS).

What do we mean that a potential exists: We roll a bowling ball down an incline. Before we let go, we say it has potential energy.  And after we let it go, we say it has kinetic energy (energy of movement). Sometimes we look at something (the bowling ball before we let it go) and we can’t see its potential to roll down the incline, or, possibly, to do damage (from the force of its future impact). Before an earthquake hits or a hurricane or tornado hits, we don’t know what kind of damage it will do, but it exists in our world of potential. Is the trauma of such events real? It is, and it isn’t. Nothing we can think of explicitly is real. Why?

When a child is born without sight, their visual cortex of potentially networked nerve cells can not develop to learn how to analyze shapes as it grows during the child’s life. Another child who can see for their first few years and then loses their eyesight can regain it if their vision is corrected. So, what the world looks like out there is how our society helps the neurons in our baby’s brain to interconnect to create virtual signal/languages in our virtual world of meaning.

So, if we live in a virtual world of our own description that looks nothing like WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS (the world, the universe, behind what we actually see) then what is the true reality? For example: nerve cells in our brain, that get together to give meaning to everything we see, look nothing like us, look nothing like a brain, look nothing like what they see. Networked nerve tissue, like any other method of detection have a form and that form has a function. The shape of the nerve and the nervous tissue of the brain, for example, experiences a flow of some form of energy (electro-chemical?) across its relationship boundary (perhaps an advanced segment of the universal crest wave). Whether it’s form or function, it feels comfortable for us humans to name it. As soon as we name it, then it only exists, in memory and our thoughts, that is, as a virtual construct/language that looks nothing like itself.

So, you might say, does this virtual reality of description, that is all we have training for (from birth) or access to, does it represent a reality? It depends on how close we are to the beginning of our universe (The Big Bang singularity source). 

When the universe first exploded out of maybe a zero point energy location in perhaps the outer space of another universe … See what I’m doing? I’m using my language to create a story, or speculation, or model, about my observation of WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS. The story I’m telling on this website (The Union of Opposites) is my speculation about my universe with the help of many others that came before me. The name of my speculative search is called my personal cosmology.

So can I ever know for sure WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS? Can I use what I know about WHAT IS to be 100% sure about WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS? 


So is there no reality? Well, I said before that the real and the virtual were on opposite ends of a spectrum of experiences. And here’s my story about how I think the real and the virtual evolve:

Before our universe exploded out of a location (singularity source), it did not exist. Existence requires some observation and observation requires a relationship boundary (a change in universal shape and function). But we’re told that the first energy out of the singularity source was coherent, meaning that there was no change inside it, therefore no relationship boundary of any kind. 

So that first relationship boundary (maybe dividing a difference in temperature, maybe the energy of motion of the smallest of energy packets, or an energy that had not yet coalesced into packets) was the most real thing, especially since there was, perhaps, no self-awareness of the event, or primitive language to describe it. What is needed to become aware of something is a complication of the relationship boundary when its complexity creates new and robust languages to describe itself.

John Archibald Wheeler, a physicist, who I was privileged enough to meet at Georgia Tech in the eighties believed in a participatory universe (the universe becoming aware of itself).

So, at first, my universe developed a relationship boundary. As things changed, more and more boundaries were formed. But the unique and complex boundaries that are us create a relationship boundary that, like an unstable expanding droplet, might invaginate instead of expanding outward. (To us and our detection systems, universal expansion inwards may be seen like universal expansion outwards, or any other kind of expansion). What is so interesting about this phenomenon (the relationship boundary expanding inward for complex, self-aware systems) is that the RED SHIFT that indicates expansion, and the speed of expansion in our universe, may be due to the growing awareness of our universe in humans or other self-aware entities. Lots more superimposed waves (one stacked onto another) created these invaginated relationships and self-aware boundaries that, though they exist as virtual, may create a significant TENSILE FIELD in the universal boundary (just like gravitational masses do).

One more thing relating to our WHAT IS virtual reality. Just like each quark creates a primitive language of how it will relate to other quarks, and protons, neutron and electrons create their own languages of how they will bind, and atoms create their own language of how they will bond and arrange themselves, a network of neurons in the human brain creates its own language that looks nothing like their actual shape and behavior. As I put in one of my paranormals, the word LOVE looks nothing like the function itself.

The mind creates its own world through language. The more robust the language and the more it captures the qualities of the real universe, the unknowable WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS, then, perhaps, the mind might be able to observe events in time (existing only in its descriptions) that cannot be accessed through normal channels (what we call the paranormal).


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