Ever watch lightning in the distance during a thunderstorm?

Some strikes are ephemeral, lasting only short durations. Some are short, but take different paths to the same target on the ground. But others take the exact same circuitous path through the sky to the ground and last for several seconds. That may be how electrochemical lightning strikes, EM flows that occur in the brain, form what we later think of as things/events/relationships.


So when we discuss snippets, we are probably referring to these EM flows (or flow fields) of varying durations that our mind has been trained (or constrained in the past by dendritic neural forms) to interpret in specific ways. These interpretations may together be thought of as our reality—the virtual reality projected to us by our neural brain structures.


A virtual reality formed in the above way is built from the time of the brain’s very multicellular conception (when conception takes effect—not sure if it’s cellular conception, brain cell differentiation, the fetal world, or birth. Interacting with itself and its environment, brain tissue begins to create its own mind, one concept at a time. The brain/mind (form/function) is programmed and adapted to learn.)


But the truth, according to this theory, is that we, or what we experience at any time as ourselves, the flow of our minds and senses, are just another snippet, a very long duration one, like a long duration lightning strike.


Yes, there is great statistical potential in the WIBWI, and it seems to always be educated and changes as snippets, manifested in the above way, change (the longer ones that we think of as wakeful life, and the shorter ones, perhaps, we think of as dreams. Dream snippets maybe not having enough duration for complete self-awareness).


When we write a story or rhyming poem, the most difficult part to construct is at the end when like the last puzzle piece, it must fit perfectly into the whole. So, the snippets that complete a long duration event like you or me, eventually live in a WIBWI environment of lesser diversity, available energy, or potential to grow, finally, reaching the end of their instability, or ability to change.


In our experiment, as long as the droplet boundary is defined by high interfacial tension, new information may flow across it, and new shapes/information may allow new snippets to manifest. But if the tension (the interfacial tension—between the inside and outside fluids) decreases dramatically, then the building block molecules across the interface boundary come to the fore. Information transfer across the relationship boundary (at least, across the expanding droplet boundary) is no longer possible—no questions asked or answered as required for change of form and function (mechanical death, but perhaps, not electrochemical death in living things).

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