Exit Stage Death?

When I die, what will happen to all the wonderful relationships that I think make me ME?

I look out the window and, lucky me, I see mountains and trees of all kinds and critters of all kinds. No one else has the kind of relationship that I uniquely have with what I think are other things. (Other relationships may come close, but they are not uniquely mine).

According to my thought experiments, there is a possibility that all the potential for the wonderful uniqueness I attribute to all the aspects of reality, all my relationships with it (and within it), that they have the possibility of birth on other planets orbiting other suns orbiting other galaxies (both those in this universe and the next).

But will those snippets winking in and out ever attain duration enough to ponder their own existence as I have? Or is it natural for snippets of potential relationships to come into and out of existence at a variety of duration lengths?

If I look at the green scum of a pond, I might see the threads of the multicellular chains of blue-green algae. But when I take a drop of that green goo and place it under a microscope, I see not only algae but also many different free cellular and multicellular organisms. The scope is a perspective, a point of view, an experimental setup, a filter that returns my relationship with a part of whatever it helps me see.

My body is the filter that determines my unique perspective. It is not until one’s filter, one’s body, begins to break down, that the new view of everything, every relationship seems blissfully beautiful. Loving the world we’ve collected or created (even passively) are we really learning to love ourselves (animals that come into the world with so many thou shalt nots)?

We live in a world of over-filtration and constraint. It is easy to feel the bliss when there are no constraints. How much of our individual consciousness is a product of natural self-ordering? Are we separate from every other observer, or are we a product of that entire universe (The What Is Behind What Is) that it appears we live in?

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