In building a model of how consciousness might develop, we assume that there is an “Implicit Order” (as described by David Bohm in “Wholeness and the Implicit Order”) and a “What Is” or an “Explicit Order” as described by J. Krishnamurti (in his various works).

The way we design our experiment implies its order (Implicit Order). Running the experiment manifests an order (Explicit Order) a physical and/or psychological relationship that ensues (Gary Zukav’s process of “collapsing the quantum wave.”)

Like our experiment, a possible singularity starts as a self-organizing critical process encoding the rules of that process in a recursion machine where the Explicit Order questions the Implicit Order and successively the Implicit Order questions the Explicit Order. Eventually this recursive process, somewhat like we program into our computer models, changes a one, two, or three-dimensional world successively into a something else of the future.

In our two-fluid unstable experiment in the radial domain, the first Explicit Order comes about in the offset (the first radial sine wave of the interface boundary above and below the average radius). The change motivating the offset or first wave is the error that exists in our imperfect world (There is never zero error. We may assume there is little or no potential remaining, but there is always some residual potential, no matter how small).

In a succession of unstable states the interface boundary of our two-fluid unstable system (two-dimensional universe) expands into the radial dimension as does our three-dimensional universe (as an analog of our two-fluid, expanding, unstable droplet, it expands along a fourth spherical dimension).

In our experiment, as our two-dimensional universe expands and flattens (curvature decreases at the crest of the initial offset) it becomes more sensitive to perturbations or errors in the process. In a succession of asking and answering across the interface between the fluids, the explicit world is formed, the interface takes on a varied number of ever-more-complex curvatures. These complex regions of curvature imply further flow rules that then educate the next realm of potential behaviors.

Of course, our physical 3-D+ universe is made up of higher energies and more complex behaviors, but in modeling its behavior out of its singularity, we find a process analogous to our two-fluid experiment.

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