Here and Now: 100% Probable

To discover how experimentalists, as observers, generalize anything about their worlds, visit the Sampling and Statistics topic under the MENU on the RHS of this HOME page.

Basically, all anyone can sample is what is Here and what is Now. That seems obvious, but is it? When we reach out in any number of ways to sample our universe, what if nothing is there? Is there nothing because there really is nothing to be sampled? Or, is there nothing only because it is not right here, but somewhere else. It is not here because, it exists, but not now, not at the moment we tried to sample it.

We all know when we interact with anything that it exists. But does it exist if we attempt to sample it, as it eludes us?

If every time we sample something, we find it, then we say it is 100% probable. What we don’t always say is: it’s 100% probable here and now.

But what happens when it isn’t here and now? What are its chances, or its likelihood of existing then?

Many times we categorize such improbable events as nonexistent or figments of the imagination, especially in scientific inquiry where they need to be reproducible–able to be sampled over and over again. For how long?

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