April 26, 2018  Y: Yin and Yang

April 26, 2018  Y: Yin and Yang (The feminine and masculine aspects of the world)

There are those who do not believe in dualisms (that all aspects of the universe or any system within that universe can be put under two major aspect categories). WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS is all we can say about the true universe, hidden beneath all the aspects that science or religion can say about it. When we say our universe or the systems and forces within are dualistic, we’re really saying that one can modify one’s point of view in order to see it that way (Dualism, then, is a perspective).


Yin and Yang are two perspectives from such a dualistic view. They are human-centered perspectives, since humans exhibit Yin characteristics (female aspects) and Yang characteristics (male aspects)).

A missing link from our suggested artificial cell (expanding droplet with one sine wave of random perturbation on its relationship boundary where the exceptionally narrow trough burrows through the apparently circular droplet):

There are many early living cells and cellular tissues on Earth that only reproduce themselves through mitosis (assexual cell division) rather than meiosis (sexual cell division). So, today, we understand what this proves. That all things aren’t about male or female, but fall somewhere in between (especially the human mind, if it may be but freed).

The Zen Buddhist Tarot deck, Morgan Tarot, is where I got the idea for the title of this website, The Union Of Opposites. Some say that Science and Spiritualism are not opposites. According to our relational philosophy that says the real potential universe that gives birth to all aspects we ascribe to, our potential universe (WIBWI), is unknowable in its entirety and the categorization of opposites is arbitrary. We could just as well say that the entire universe can be characterized as feminine (yinistic) or masculine (yangistic), believed by the Chinese for generations. But we know today the world, even of human preferences and identities, is much more complex than that.

How are Science and Spirit opposites? The Chinese might say that in general SCIENCE is yangistic and SPIRITUALISM, yinistic. But even that definition is confused as the potential of WIBWI becomes explicit when relationship boundaries are formed between system/objects. 

SCIENCE starts with speculation, but it requires proof that is repeatable, able to be used to predict future behavior. The bottom line for SCIENCE is that it is a story that works for most of the time. SPIRITUALISM may start with speculation. Because it is based on a human individual’s virtual reality, even if proof were required by believers, the spirit we experience does not often have 100% probably, so it is not often proved statistically. There may be people who frighteningly predict the future at near 100%, but that is based on how that person’s brain was formed. One person might be a very precise detector, more precise than we have equipment to measure (Their neural nets unconsciously create accurate detectors that predict how events will unfold). Such people might see into the past or future in less than a 100% way. Who would we go to in the event that we want our money to grow? We’d go to someone who could confirm future behavior at 100% rather than someones who, even with others, could only confirm less than that. And so we have a world where human communities respect and believe SCIENCE over SPIRITUALISM.

But does it make sense to do this, to only believe those scientists who seem to have proven their successful strategies for survival? In spite of what we can measure, nothing can be predicted at 100% for all time. Change is all. And ERROR always exists. 100% can apply to the here and now, or for longer durations, but not forever.

We know that some animals that have had no training can sense the possibility of a tsunami after an earthquake, and they run to higher ground. In primitive times, human tribes believed in spiritualism. Because of being raised in a world without the influence of science (as we have today) they relied on spiritualism. And it worked, evidently, because we’re here today! 

For SPIRITUALISM, we need to know that the more people who are raised to accept more of the improbable INCOMING (Implicate Order Potential: David Bohm), the better chance of high probability (many more individuals than the three precogs in the movie, MINORITY REPORT). 

For SCIENCE, we need to know that if we speculate or hypothesize first, we may end up proving our beliefs. After all, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, SCIENCE (the sequencing of events) is just another story until something changes and we adopt an alternate story. Hopefully, science provides us with stories that work toward our survival.

Here is a page at The Union Of Opposites Site that explains a little about the perspective of those Taoists, who existed over three-thousand years ago and whose other poems (in the book translated from Lao Tzu) illustrate the yinism of this religion.

Holdovers: Y Chromosome; Year (in terms of orbit of Earth around Sol/sun);Yellow Star (G-type, Sol); Yesterday (in terms of existence);Yolanda (A super typhoon: an example of a high energy event); Yb (element)

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