April 9, 2018: I is for Incoming

April 9, 2018 I: Incoming (Filtering out the possibilities).

How in a nonhuman-centered way can we look at the formative process of our universe that brought us into being?

To answer the above question and define what I mean by Incoming, I need to revisit certain ideas gleaned from my two-dimensional expanding droplet experiment. The expanding drop changes its shape in time and may be analogous in its behaviors to the expansion of our universe. 

As the unstable droplet grows, the curvature of its relational boundary changes, and, because of that, the way it interacts across its boundary changes. The changes cannot be predicted precisely, just like the self-ordering of other universal systems (like the repeated traffic jam densities of cars along an expressway) are statistical. 

Besides the universal outcome being statistical, lets see what those statistics act on (Incoming) to change the droplet boundary and the universe:

Forms and functions of our universal relationship boundary benefit in their stable existence by how large, how complex, and how long of duration they are. If we only looked at thoughts and how they form, we’d have to go back to those logjams of traffic. The more complex a system/object/relational-boundary the more its processes remain stable and the longer duration of its existence. 

A very large traffic jam could be one like a massive body with gravitational forces and curvature so great that it cannot develop complexity because information cannot change its shape or cross its boundary—no relationship. But if the language that builds the agglomeration of possibilities (like a traffic jam), the relational boundary/object/system will allows information to cross and change the boundary itself.  A robust language may maintain that system in greater and greater duration and self-awareness. The human brain is an example of such a complex system (of the universe’s relational boundary).

So, in this context that we’ve discussed, where a language emerges from the available energy that helps to sustain and grow the relationship boundary, then longer and longer self-awareness may arise.

One of these languages, on the way to human thought, might be the covalent bonding of the carbon atom. The language, as we discussed, is robust because of all the ways the atom can combine with other atoms in chains, leading to many outcomes, like proteins and genetic material.

However, the Incoming is like an environment of potential thought that an individual creates around them. Because the universe and its outcome is statistical, this Incoming thought is potential thought (invisible: does not exist at 100%) until an individual’s relationship-boundary/brain filters it out and acts upon it. 

So, incoming potential thoughts are based on an individuals history/memory and on thoughts that others may accept in their environment. Perhaps unknowingly, we filter out these incoming potential thoughts, acting on them and thinking about them often. 

The more points of view a person entertains, the greater the toolbox of thought, for filtering (in or out) the Incoming, that can be used to solve problems. 

The dangers in our human societies are invisible, just as is The Incoming possibilities that we can filter out. If we see violence, or focus on violence all around us, then we have a greater chance of acting on and bringing violence into our lives and into the world. 

When we practice TRUST, LOVE, and FREEDOM, we have more Incoming potential thoughts in those areas to select from.

When we love shapes that are part of the process of distrusting or killing others, then those shapes/forms direct discrete functions/actions (for example: hammers elicit behavior toward nails!). And we are invisibly surrounded by Incoming potential of such distrusting weapons and dangers.

A world that concerns itself with all ways of hating, with forms that function as weapons to harm or kill, and when we live in a society that continually reminds us of danger and distrust rather than love and acceptance, then from the invisible, potential Incoming, we can only bring violence into our lives, making our conscious (and even physical) processes more unstable.

A movie that focuses on how to create and use a successful Incoming around us is WHAT THE BLEEP, where a deaf girl who has just lost the love of her life has to find a reason to go on living.

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