April 6, 2018 F: Finite and Infinite Games

April 6, 2018 F: Finite and Infinite Games: A finite game is one where there are preset, agreed-upon rules resulting in a winner and a loser. An infinite game is one in which the participants are tasked with furthering the play.

So guess what game our universe seems to play?

Another “E” word is ENTROPY. Entropy is the running down of available energy to do some kind of organized work. When the universe starts out, exploding into existence, it has all kinds of potential, but it must cool somewhat for the first thing/object/relational-boundary to condense.

Let’s hop on into the future of the universe and we find that at each energy level, for each force that arises, there is some new change across the boundary. There is a limited lifespan for this new force until entropy is reached. With each force and each kind of energy flowing across the boundary there are limits because that particular language (the atom, the molecule, the body, the brain) has its own entropic limit, as it runs out of available energy in its environment. 

Our experiment shows how in a world of the buckling of our droplet interface, there is another process that changes the pattern of distribution of universal matter called self-ordering. Somehow the self-ordering reaches a critical state (self-ordered criticality). This is how quantum states (like in the number of protons and electrons in each atom) arise. The same thing happens with the buckling of our droplet. 

From whatever initial conditions predate the expansion of the our universe (WHAT IS BEHIND WHAT IS) a universe expands and changes, growing dendritically until all energy is lost. The same can be seen in crystal growth of frost from water on a freezing window pane, or the limbs of a tree forking into smaller and smaller branches. 

A universe playing a finite game would be a stillborn universe (It would come to some point and end). The universe discovers every way possible to become a distributed pattern (through some form of energy) and then through its relationship boundary to recognize that pattern in time. And so the universe always furthers the play, finds as many ways as possible to continue its existence (an INFINITE GAME).

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