You’ve heard a lot in the news recently that the way we do things in government has to change.

I believe that in passing any law, a legislature, no matter how humanistic or idealistic, must also be empathetic.

That is, if the law is passed and the implementation of that law changes the landscape of society, then individuals affected by that implementation, must be accounted for.

For example:

Before, when marriage was legislated to be between a man and a woman, a clerk handing out those licenses might both believe in the law and implement it.

However, when the law changes to something different than the affected worker’s beliefs, there must be some sort of rider that takes into account the effects these changes will have on the individual.

Today, many people who are laid off are given classes by their corporations and connected to job recruiters, so they may find new work. Instead of just having a course in college called Ethics, how about applying some ethical principles to the changes in law that leave bereft persons affected by such changes?

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