Art Precedes Science

They say. . . who says? . . . I don’t know, but I’ve heard that Art precedes Science by 50 years. 

I just know that I saw this performance-art experiment on TV this morning. The experiment illustrates how at least two perspectives are required to transfer information back and forth across a boundary to bring something into being.

The hamster-wheel apartment moderates the behaviors of the two men on the wheel. Across any boundary (even if it is only the expanding boundary of our universe) there must be mutual relationships, a sort of balance for the boundary to mediate information flow back and forth.

In my two-phase fluid flow experiment of an expanding droplet (two-dimensional universe) the boundary resembles a meniscus (a boundary between water and air in a straw, for instance). If we come to the meniscus from one side it’s shape is convex toward us, and if we come from the other side, the boundary is concave away from us. Both perspectives must match for information about the pressures and tensions between and within the air and water are to be communicated with perfection.

On this website, we attempt to look at existence in the physical universe as a result of a relationship of two systems, each with its own perspective.

Just as the fluids across a meniscus must adjust to each other’s properties, the men in the hamster-wheel compartment must adjust to each other’s habits.

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