Forcing Right Behavior

Whether it be in church or the political arena, when we are told to work hard to accomplish any good act, we are relying too much on the surface lie, that our ideas are perfect truth and if we but worked hard to attain utopic ideals that our problems would be solved.

One of the topics I’ll discuss on this subject is that the world of “if” does not exist. “If” is an idea within the realm of “What Is” and because it is only one aspect or POV floating on a sea of the implicit, it must involve error. But because of Uncertainty, we cannot avoid such error. (However, the more diverse our POVs the closer we can get to an “if” world that may work).

Part of forcing right behavior in government is forced sharing, whether it be communism, socialism, or democracy. Sharing is good, but if we are not centered in a balanced mental state where unconditional sharing is a possibility, then our hard work is apt to backfire on us. These ideal forms of government require a mature and centered individual, who realizes that they need not travel to arrive. They only need to change their perspective, a nearly instantaneous event (when posted – see DOUBLE-SLIT EXPERIMENT).

As Krishnamurti says, we must realize that the end does not justify the means, it works from beginning to  end.

In church, we do not have to struggle to attain the Ten Commandments no matter how righteous they sound. The mature human collapses the commandments down into two: “I am the lord they god, thou shalt have no other gods before me” and “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

But really, if we find ourselves centered, our ideals will become realities with no effort at all (when posted – see FAITH).

Why? Because our mental balance is an equilibrium between the scientific, the “What Is,” the explicit, together with the spiritual, the “What Is Behind What Is,” the implicit (David Bohm’s Implicate Order).

Continually forcing outcome, we are lost.

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